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    Mobility and Locomotion

    This course has an emphasis on practical skills around the workings of the cow’s foot in combination with knowledge of the modified dutch foot trimming method into practice.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Recognise normal bovine locomotion and relate this to the AHDB Dairy mobility score.
    • Recognise lameness and grade severity.
    • Understand the basic anatomy of the bovine foot.
    • Know how to retrain a cow and pick up their feet using a crush.
    • Understand the five key steps of the Dutch Method and know how to apply these to prevent lameness conditions.
    • Trim feet effectively.
    • Recognise the main disease leading to lameness.
    • Know when and how to apply blocks and medical treatment and when to seek specialist veterinary advice.


    Please contact the RAFT Office on 01765 645893 or to book a place or for further information about any of the courses.




    On-farm, small group based practical course.

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    Telephone: 01765 645893

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